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I was born in 1940 in Almelo, The Netherlands, and educated in physical chemistry and micro- and molecular biology at Utrecht University (Van ’t Hoff Institute) from 1957 to 1968. My studies were  interrupted by two years military service (Royal Navy) and a further three years as a teacher in physics.

Professional profile:


1968 - 1974,

2005 to this day.

The scientific quest for the evolutionary and  developmental meaning of the quantumlike                  behavior  of biomembranes  discovered by my research team at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.  This work was continued at Naturalis, the  Netherlands Biodiversity Centre, and is now my main focus of interest.

1968 - 1978.

Participation in raising public and political awareness for the necessity of ecological recovery and preservation of the international Wadden Sea and the Rhine estuary.

I was vice-chairman of the ‘Wadden Society’ and editor of the quarterly review 'Wadden Bulletin'. 

1975 - 2005.

Participation in the development of sustainable and ecological agriculture as dairy farmer,

sheep breeder and farmers consultant.